Signature Line - Borne from White Lotus Flower also known as Nelumbo nucifera

white flower fragrance oil

Breathing life. Going within

Fine fragrance inspired by white lotus flower,
made with pure floral absolutes and organic gardenia.


''White Lotus rising to bloom on a stately stalk,
serenely in the early morning before the dawn rays cause its petal to unfold..
its dignified pose reminds of one's palms placed together..
its graceful form reminds one of calmness and depth..''


   NATURAL floral extracts - SKIN CARE

natural floral extracts skincare.jpeg

Skin Care made with the Rare and Pure White Lotus Absolute-
Oil and Organic Gardenia Oil. Pure White Lotus Absolute Oil
is said to have the following healing effects:

Relaxation, Tranquility, Good Sleep, Vitality, Well being,
Peace of Mind, Flourishing, Eczema, Asthma, Sexuality,
Recovery from fatigue ( Effective Amino Acid, Alkaloid,
Lignin which is contained in Lotus flower) and more...  


natural skin care

Does not consist of harmful ingredients
such as Paraben, Mineral, Artifitial Colors.
Only natural preservatives are used.




Our soy candles produce approximately a tenth of the
soot produced by a comparably sized paraffin candle
and do not contain any of the toxic chemicals.

It also have the benefit of burning at a lower temperature
lasting for 30% longer than comparable paraffin candles.

Lina Bada Candles are handmade to order,
so there is virtually no waste at all in the production process.
Soy candles are safe and clean and perfect for families
with small children as it is paraffin and toxic free.




the white lotus absolute essentials