‘Mindful journey ・ Love yourself, find peace within’.


LINA BADA is a naturalist fragrance brand inspired by many landscapes traveled.

Landscape Architect & Perfumer, Lina Shigemitsu wanted to create something lyrical & beneficial, that supports people find peace within, relax, and to take along on various journey’s.
‘Love yourself, find peace within’ is the brand’s loving motto.

 At the core of Lina Bada is a powerful desire to fuse wellness, travel and scent in ways that will bring energy, balance and tranquility to one's environment and ultimately, their heart in this bustling space & time...

As a Landscape Architect and a Travel Photographer, Lina strives to interconnect scents with the small fragments of time she so lovingly associates with the gardens + traveled destinations she has both created and been inspired by.

lina bada

Lina Bada's Collection features her signature scent,
WHITE LOTUS ABSOLUTE, which reminds 
us to
“fall in love with yourself over and over again…”

Complementing the White Lotus Absolute is the
MONSHO collection, which represents the many

Lina wanted to create a subtle way to preserve traces of
time and emotional memories beyond many landscapes...

 Self care is essential for all types of journeys…