Lina Bada is founded by Sydney based Perfumer/Landscape Architect, Lina Shigemitsu.
As a Landscape Architect, Lina wanted to create a subtle way to preserve traces of time and emotional memories beyond many landscapes - whether it be an urban landscape,
city absorbed in twilight, a natural landscape, sunset lingering by the sea, an endless forest,
dusk skies, spring breeze..  endless memories.

Lina Bada’s MONSHO COLLECTION follows the Signature White Lotus Absolute Collection
and are made orbiting a concept of emotional landscapes’ and ’depth of time’.

SENS MONSHO, SAISON MONSHO & URBAN MONSHO are the 3 layers to this collection, representing healing landscape, seasonal landscape & urban landscape.

 Once lit, lyrical scents of Lina Bada candles evoke the senses, as one contemplate yearnings of memories and the reminiscent voyages one have walked...
while gently filling any room with ambiance, opulence and warmth.

Lina Bada products are Philanthropic conscious & 5% of your purchase online will go towards UNICEF to support children who are less fortunate.