White Lotus rising to bloom on a stately stalk,
Surreally & Simply amidst the urban city…

  LINA BADA is a natural skin care & fragrance brand borne from the sacred living plant ‘White Lotus’, also known by its scientific name, Nelumbo nucifera.

  Made in Australia & Japan, Lina Bada is founded by a global Perfumer and Landscape Architect, Lina Shigemitsu - Since 2012.

  At the core of Lina Bada is a powerful desire to fuse art, science and scent in ways that will bring energy, balance and tranquility to one's environment and ultimately, their heart in this bustling space & time.


   As a global Landscape Architect, Lina strives to interconnect fragrance with the small fragments time she so lovingly associates with the gardens she has both created and been inspired by.

Hand made in Australia, Lina Bada candles are created from natural soy and coconut wax and oil perfumes created from organic jojoba oil. Natural Skin Care Products are made in Japan. The intoxicating aromas are balanced through a blend of unique fragrances and pure essential oils and absolutes.

   Lina Bada's lyrical scents evoke the senses, whether it be a city bathed in twilight, a sunset lingering across the sea, dusk skies, a young sapling swaying in a warm spring breeze...contemplate the endless memories and yearnings of voyages you have walked, while gently filling any room and heart with ambiance, opulence and warmth.

   Lina Bada's Collection features her signature fragrance, White Lotus Absolute, which reflects the depth, richness and elegance of the scared Lotus Flower. Perfectly suited for meditation. White Lotus Absolute creates a pleasurable environment that brings a sense of depth and oneness.
   Complementing the Monsho Collection are 3 additional scent style, Sens Monsho, Urban Monsho & Saison Monsho, which represent the healing landscape, urban landscape and seasonal landscape.  Lina wanted to create a subtle way to preserve traces of time and emotional memories beyond many landscapes.


No Border.

Simple & Surreal.


   Lina Bada products are Philanthropic conscious & 5% of purchases online will go towards UNICEF to support children who are less fortunate.